Fat Pig

I recently signed up to do Napowrimo which basically means I have to write a poem every day in April. The first prompt related to a secret shame or a secret pleasure. I am afraid I had an awful lot of things I could have chosen to write about on this theme but decided to go easy on myself for this first day and pick something that wasn’t too difficult to write about although sharing it is a little harder than I initially thought it would be.

This is only a very short poem but when I tried to add to it I felt it detracted too much from what I wanted to get across.

Fat Pig

In the bottom of my handbag

lies a receipt

for a bar of chocolate.

I bought it with guilt,

I ate it alone,

It tasted of sweet emptiness.

2 thoughts on “Fat Pig

  1. The air brushed beauty, in the magazine you adore, changed for fame, makes you realise the chocolate bar it worth every penny , for the people you love xox

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  2. Ate a Cream Egg and a Lindt small rabbit on my way home from church

    Despite saying no eggs for me,
    the concealment only cause me hurt .

    But I know a I am forgiven because I believe.
    Alleluia !

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